Your great day at the office | Open thread

Far from making the tea, doing photocopies and restocking the stationery cupboard, work-experience student Hannah Blyth made a genuine scientific discovery while on placement at the University of Glamorgan’s Faulkes Telescope Project. The 18-year-old found 22 new asteroids floating in outer space as she manned a remote-controlled telescope. Scientists at Havard, who verified the find, have named one of the rocks after her. “It’s an honour that there’s a rock out there with my name on it. It’s mind-blowing,” she said.

Have you ever turned in an unexpectedly triumphant day in the office? Did you ever surprise yourself with a moment of genius at work, or shone for the team when the expectations on you were next to none? Tell us your own acts of minor heroism – or how to deal with a colleague who suddenly grabs the glory …

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