You Can Save A Bundle With Your Hosting Using GVO, Plus You Get An Auto-Responder, Video Production, Web Conferencing & Lead Capture Page Templates

Did you ever hear of GVO? They have been around for many years now, and have just recently re-launched their hosting business. It used to cost $44.95 per month to get hosting and use their services. But now they have re-launched and it’s being called the biggest launch in internet history!

Now you can join GVO for $1, for a full seven day trial. But when you see what all comes with your hosting, the monthly charge, which is under ten bucks, will seem like nothing. Plus you get 80% commissions for people who sign up in your down line, this is unimaginable in an affiliate program!

Here are just some of the services that are free when you use GVO’s hosting plan:

• A fully functioning Auto-Responder (used to send pre-determined e-mails to your prospective customers, set for any time or messages you want)

• A free Web Conferencing platform (this is where you can set up times for you to have a webinar for your team members, whenever you want!)

• A Full Video Production app ( this is where you would go to the app page, click ‘Start Recording’ and make your own videos to go on your pages!)

• Hundreds of Lead Capture Page templates (these are pages with excellent pre written copy, graphics and a form for your potential customers to use with your Auto-Responders)

This is all included plus much more when you sign up for one dollar. Also, there is a Recruitment system in your back office, a Prospecting system and complete video tutorials the come with each of these. Not to mention that there is a GVO Academy, which includes many training videos and tutorials, with more coming out each day.

There is no virtual way to go wrong using GVO as your web host, especially since they come with these awesome services and apps. Many folks have said that they have saved upwards of 300 to 500 dollars a month using GVO’s services. You save by not having to pay for a stand alone auto-responders or web conferencing services.

To get more information about this great new hosting/ services plan, go have a look at my more info video page. I have a short video which goes over some of these services and benefits to joining GVO for a dollar. Plus you will see just some of the big named affiliate and internet marketers who are above me. You also will get spillover from them as they advertise this system to their lists. But you need to get in now since they just re-launched and many more sign up. There will be many people wanting to get their hosting with GVO to save money and to make money as well.

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