Wireless Pacemaker Tracks Patient’s Health and Conveys Data via Internet

For the first time doctors are able to monitor the health of a person though the Internet. This became possible thanks to a 61-year-old Carol Kasyjanski from New York who has become the first patient to feature a new heart pacemaker.
The woman has been given a pacemaker that features a wireless home monitoring systemwhich conveys the information about her health to Carol’s doctors via the Internet. Thus about 90 percent of the diagnostic work is carried out without having to go to the hospital. The FDA approved the wireless device in July 2009.
For over two decades Carol has been suffering from severe heart condition. Now she says that with the help of the new wireless pacemaker her confidence has been brought back. According to Dr. Steven Greenberg, the director of St. Francis’ Arrhythmia and Pacemaker Center, the device will allow him to treat patients better. He says that hospital servers and the remote monitor will convey the data several times a day to signal the medical staff in case of emergency, reports TG Daily. You can find more information on health here at www.InfoNIAC.com – check the links at the bottom of the story.
Greenberg said: “It enhances our ability to pick up and evaluate any problems with their pacemaker and certain other rhythm disorders that could be potentially dangerous in ways we really could not do before.”

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  1. Semenax reviews October 24, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    That’s a cool idea, using the internet to monitor a heart patient’s conditions. We are living in a very interesting period and should see more of such innovative ideas in science and medicine. Cheers!

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