When will they collide?

This is Grade 11 Physics. I don’t want the answer, I just want to know how to do it:

Two football players separated by 42 m run directly toward each other. Football player #1 starts from rest and accelerates at 2.4 m/s2 [E], and football player #2 moves uniformly at 5.4 m/s [W].

(a) How long does it take for the players to collide?
b)How far does each player move?

I know I have to use on of the 5 motion equations, I just don’t know which one since I have no clue on how to handle opposite motions.

I’ve tried drawing diagrams and really want to avoid using a quadratic equation since my teacher dislikes it. Any other ways?

If a quadratic equation is the easiest way to get the answer, then how would I be able to use it?


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