Virtual Body Technology Uses 5 Senses

The Ikei Laboratory of Yeddo Metropolitan University school of System style is developing virtual body technology that utilizes the 5 senses. additionally to mistreatment standard audio and video footage , this technology will recreate smells also because the feel of the wind and of stepping on the bottom.

“This exhibition of a virtual body is for the aim of getting a vicarious expertise. This technology aims to modify varied experiences as if having assumed a distinct person’s body. This exhibition offers folks the chance to vicariously expertise traveling in urban center and running the planet record 100-meter dash of famed jock Usain Bolt.”

The exhibition is created of a 3D monitor,, headphones, an acquaintance to form a breeze and unfold scents, a chair that leans back and forth and vibrates part, and foot pedals. These work along to stimulate the 5 senses of the topic mounted in his or her seat, making a virtual vicarious expertise.

“The chair can move to produce directional and proprioception sensations. The legs can move to form a way of really walking or running and a way of occupation parallel or up and down, or to form a sensation as if the feet area unit touching the bottom. extraordinarily massive vibrations area unit felt after you area unit running, therefore it’s attainable to form vibrations from the shins to the knees. after you get in the town there area unit varied scents and breezes, and these are recreated.””

In these present the population is aging, therefore Ikei Laboratory would love for seniors UN agency notice it onerous to travel outside to be able to expertise traveling round the world by mistreatment this instrumentation.

English: World Athletics Championships 2007 in...
English: World Athletics Championships 2007 in Osaka – Jamaican 200 metres runner Usain Bolt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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