Vibration Energy Cell Batteries – Brother Industries

The Vibration Energy Cell contains a capacitor and vibration-based generator in a battery-shaped housing, of AA or AAA size. It’s expected to be used for low-power devices such as remote controls.

“The power output varies quite a lot, depending on how the cell is shaken. If you shake it gently like this, it delivers 40 mW on average, with a peak output of 0.3 W. If you shake it vigorously like this, it averages 280 mW, with a peak output of 2.0 W.”

Vibration energy cells can be used for general purposes, such as ordinary battery-powered remote controls. They enable such devices to be used on a semi-permanent basis without having to change the batteries. Brother is also developing cells with a magnetic shield, to keep the magnetic field from remote controls below 5 Gauss.

In these prototypes, one model has the capacitor and generator in separate battery cases, while the other has them both in one case.

“These are the results of a survey on what makes people dissatisfied with remote control batteries. People had various issues, such as: “You can’t tell how much power is left,” “Disposing of batteries is a nuisance,” and “Buying them is a hassle.” We think our vibration energy cells can solve these problems. And regarding the environment, these cells reduce the amount batteries needing disposal, so we think they’ll make a social contribution. They could also offer peace of mind in an emergency.”

“Right now, we’re approaching the final stage of R&D on this technology. Because there hasn’t been a product like this before, we’re currently evaluating the demand for it. That’s our main aim in exhibiting these prototypes here.”

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