UnWanted Hair And Permanent herbal hair remover

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The hair growth expect on genital area Under arms & on face in females called Un wanted Hair. These never caused any physical illness but great mental sickness.
Signs & Symptoms
The hair on face will cover the face & ladies will be shame full to attend the school of offce with this condition. The hair on body could be disturb married life.
The hair on back & arround the neck will irritat the man whe he is wearing shirt with kaller & tie & when he is sitting for computer or offoice work.
Un wanted hair a company with sweat will cause more irritation of skin. The individual will rest less & may cause lack of interest in his work.
There are two types of un wanted hair growth
1: Congenital
2:Accquired  ( Ambrase Syndrome )
Congenital Un Wanted Hair:
This condition is not common. Until now only 50 cases is registerd in the world, most famous Prithviraj Patil in India & Net in Bankok. These children born with unwanted hair covered full face & body. They have been recieved Laser, Homeopathic & others medical treatment.

Accuired un wanted Hair:
After birth on puberty The hair will grow only under legs & under arms. ( Physialogy ) But in this condition hair can grow before puberty on face any part of the body. Now this condition is very common.


Causes are un known. There are few factors are countable. Like Hormones Genetics & hereditry. But there is no prove for these factors as genetics results are normal in Prithvifaj in India & Net in Bankok. Yes there is another important risk factor, that is our Diet on the base what ever our body is producing is depend on our diet * fowlloing on digestion. The un properly digest diet could be cause of production becteria can change blood chemistery. The emotions are most important factor to maintain normal blood chemistery.


Permanent herbal hair remover
This is very unique & effective herbal treatment.These herbs are obtaining from plants & from animals too. Then these are preserving under new scienfitic methods. To keep in fresh form & for better result this is available in oil form.

oils And Ingredients


Camphor ( Zhangnao )
Cinnamonum Camphora
Laurus Camphora
( T. Nees & Eberm )
Laurel Camphor
Gum Camphor
Extract of x1

How to use:

Waxing:First wax the required area.
Application: Just apply like lotion
Mode of action: Please see below
After Care:Avoid the area from water
Duration:Please keep on face for 1/2 hour & for body one hour.
Results:100% With zero side effects.  ( Passed By P.C.S.I.R. )

The most important is to explain MODE OF ACTION & i wrote before for this like example of abdominal operation.

How To invent:

This is very important question. Thousands people raising question, when still cause is unknown then we could treat it. I agreed on this point but same time i want to remind that i am  nurse not a physician or scientist but very qualified loving to my profession nurse. I thought about it so much because i was the same patient so i used my nursing knowledge. It was my good luck i got nursing training from Pakistan  Army & we was use to attended wounded patients like gun shot wound. These cases were challenge some time but we were trained to use different techniques to keep clean & dry the wound. On this invention i used basic theory to clean & keep the wound & this hair root bulb containing fluids, pus i consider it as a wound & collect all that types of herbs herbs which could be benificial  for this purpose.
That  why the WAX is most important like back bone in this treatment before applying this medicine as after wax the hair canal will be empty & then this is reaching to the roots, causing to dry the roots. As a medical rule i add neem in form of oil as antiseptic, & due to in oil form it,s keeping skin soft.

Advantages of use:

(1)As combination of antiseptics ( neem) it is treating & preventively Acne.
(2)As this act to keep dry the roots, its closing the pours & making the skin tight.

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  1. Treatment for dry hair July 27, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Normal secretion allows for the “coating” of the follicle shaft with oil
    that enhances growth, protection and health. An over-active gland
    produces excess amounts of sebum and can result in oily hair. Lack of
    sebum, conversely, results in dry, brittle, or weak hair that is prone
    to breaking or snapping when combed or styled.

  2. Skin Vitality complaints December 15, 2011 at 11:36 am

    A natural hair removal product would be great, especially now when almost all hair removal methods are not natural or 100% safe.
    But I don’t think this herbal treatment can provide permanent results. Not even laser hair removal can do this so I doubt a herbal treatment will.

  3. hair removal london May 14, 2012 at 8:38 am

    There are basically many individuals that use laser light treatment every year to get rid of undesirable locks. Usually individuals are using the strategy to rid themselves of either undesirable body or face beard. The laser light process uses state of the art technology to damage the locks hair foillicle, damaging its ability to generate locks.

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