Travelling waves – help with formula

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A wave has the mathmatical form y [itex](x,t)=2sin(6t-0.5x)[i/tex]

1. What is the waves frequency, wavelength and velocity

2.Write an expression for the displacement of the wave as a function of time at a point 2m from the beginningof the wave.

2. Relevant equations
k=2\pi \lambda \\
f=\frac{\omega}{2\pi} \\
v=\lambda f

3. The attempt at a solution

For question 1 I took 6 from the wave equation to be the angular velocity and k to be 0.5 so i did..

f=\frac{6}{2\pi}=0.95Hz \\
\lambda=\frac{2\pi}{0.5}=4\pi metres \\
v=\lambda f = 4\pi (0.95)=11.94 m/s

For question 2 I am not too sure what the question is asking, if it is 2m from the start do I just plug 2 in for x in the wave equation given? to get [itex]2sin(6t-1)[/itex]?

Any help appreciated, thanks 🙂

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