Touchscreen interface for seamless data transfer

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a next generation user interface which can accurately detect the users finger and what it is touching, creating an interactive touchscreen-like system, using objects in the real word.

“We suppose paper and lots of alternative objects can be manipulated by touching them, like a touchscreen. this method does not use any special hardware; it consists of simply a tool like a normal digital camera, and a poster projector. Its capabilities area unit achieved by image process technology.”
“Until now, gesturing has usually been accustomed operate PCs and alternative devices. however with this interface, we’re not operative a computer, however touching actual objects directly, and mixing them with ICT instrumentality.”

“The system is meant to not react once you build standard motions on a table. It will be operated once you purpose with one finger. What this suggests is, the system is associate degree interface combining analog operations and digital devices.”

To find bit accurately, the system must find tip height accurately. above all, with the low-resolution camera used here (320 x 180), if tip detection is off by one pel, the peak changes by one cm. So, the system needs technology for recognizing fingertips with high preciseness.

“Using a low-res digital camera provides a fuzzy image, however the system calculates 3D positions with high preciseness, by compensating through image process.”

This system conjointly includes technology for dominant color and brightness, in line with the close lightweight, and correcting for individual variations in hand color. during this approach, it will determine fingertips systematically, with very little influence from the surroundings or individual variations.

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