Tofu handling robot picks up soft, delicate food with ease

“First, the golem checks that means the curd is facing, and the way huge it’s, employing a camera. the photographs ar analyzed by a laptop, and therefore the golem works out that thanks to orient the curd. Once it picks the curd up, it then puts it in a very package. A feature of this golem is that the hand, which might gently carry terribly soft, fragile things while not damaging them. This hand uses a special surface process, that was developed by our company.”

“If curd is carried quickly, it breaks. So, the golem moves curd quite slowly, shifting only one,200 to 1,500 items per hour. however firmer things, like deep-fried curd, will be carried at a rate of two,500 per hour.”

“We ar victimisation chiefly firm curd in our demonstration however it also can handle soft curd. We’ve conjointly enclosed some soft curd here, therefore this technique will even handle delicate things like that.”

“We’ve barely developed this technique. folks have asked regarding victimisation it for food, eggs, and meat, and that we suppose it may be used for all types of foods. The golem itself may be a terribly general model. So, for instance, if we tend to scale back production volume on one line, we tend to may use the golem on another line, simply by ever-changing its program. that is the neatest thing regarding victimisation robots.”

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