Thermoelectric hot water pipes generate 2.5W per 10cm-Amazing 2013 Invention

This is a thermoelectric tube based on a new structure, which can generate electricity using temperature difference alone.

“By creating the merchandise hollow, we’ve enabled it to require in additional heat with identical size. As a result, the ability output is 3 or fourfold more than with standard systems. A feature of this product is, you’ll be able to generate electricity just by substitution existing hot-water pipes with these.”The thermoelectrical tube encompasses a straightforward structure, with thermoelectrical material, that has low thermal conduction, and metal elements, that have high thermal conduction, stacked at Associate in Nursing angle.


“Having the elements at Associate in Nursing angle suggests that the direction of warmth flow is perpendicular to the electrical current. So, heat flows from within the tube to outside, however the present flows on the length of the tube.”
“To build this product sensible, we want to manufacture the tubes with efficiency, and to form them simply installable in numerous locations. we have a tendency to aim to provide a poster version in 2018.”

This world-first development, made by Panasonic, means that if these thermoelectric tubes are used for piping hot water, electricity could be generated using the piping itself.

“This is a thermoelectric tube. It’s about 10 cm long. This generator unit contains four of these tubes. Hot water is passed through the tubes, and the outside is cooled using cold water. This four-tube unit generates about 10 W, which can power a fan, an LED light, or a portable TV.”

Peltier element (16x16 mm)
Peltier element (16×16 mm) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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