The Speed Of Light Appears

If the results are proven accurate, they are one of the pillars raise the standard model of physics, which explains how the universe and everything in it works.

Inherited Anthony, a spokesman for the researchers, said: “We have great confidence in the results we have examined and checked for anything that may have distorted our measurements, but we could not find anything ..”

The initial result caused considerable debate as it was to break one of the most fundamental laws of physics – that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

Researchers behind the experiments that involved sending neutrinos 450 miles through the earth from the facility at CERN in Geneva to the Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy, has now tried to eliminate a possible source of error (see also polish: prędkość światła).

It is present in everything related to the way that shapes the universe and everything. It would be very difficult to predict what the effects would be.

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