The Revolution Of Sewing

Sewing has been around since people started wearing clothes Somehow they would figure out how to keep their animal hides together in those early days, until they figured out how to stitch them together.Sewing by hand may have been a necessity, but it was also an art form by some. However, the first sewing machine was not invented until around 1790. Since that time the sewing machine has improved in looks, efficiency, and technical advances.

The first sewing machines had a foot pedal that had to be moved back and forth, to push the needle through the fabric. Electricity moved sewing into another realm and made sewing much easier. This was important because many mothers sewed clothes for the entire family, including formals and wedding dresses. Buying clothes off the rack back in those days was for the wealthy class only. Today, with huge stores that move clothes in large volumes, it is sometimes cheaper to purchase off the rack than to sew


Sewing is still popular as a hobby and for sewing garments, and will probably never go out of style. A lot of women can certainly afford to buy off the rack, but they just love to sew for the fun of it. Sewing is a great hobby that lets us be as creative as we want to. Nearly all clothes designers started out making of designs in their own homes, and probably on a cheap sewing machine. Don’t worry for one minute that you can’t learn to sew as good as anyone else

Today the sewing machine is used to sew garments, costumes for children, home decorations, and is even used in the making of other crafts. Everyone needs at least a basic sewing machine for mending and basic sewing. And while you can find a machine to do the basics, you can also find a better one for just a little bit more money

Some of the machines that cost a little more will monogram, hem, and do quilting. Most of the newer machines will come with slip-on feet that will do all kinds of stitching, plus, many of the machines are even computerized.

Don’t be frightened with all this techy talk because the new features today are easy for anyone to learn. Just read the manual or watch a video if you don’t understand and you will be sewing the same day.

You will be amazed at all the thing you can sew for your home. You can make table cloths, or even monogram towels. Some people even turn their sewing hobby into a great home business. You could offer services for towel monogramming, or shirt initialing for a fee.

Read sewing machines reviews to understand which ones are the best. You will be able to get all the details you need to make a good decision there.Look online at places like Amazon to get the best price possible.Have fun sewing!

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