The Physical Therapy Assistant-Making A Career Change

Have you been made redundant? Have you been downsized? Looking to change careers for one reason or another?

Guess what, you are in the right place. Physical Therapy Assistant is an occupation that deserves a second look.

This is really a no-brainer. The average physical therapy assistant salary is $45,000 a year! You only need an associate degree which is a two-year degree. Endless school is not a requirement.

If you compare this income with what is possible for most four-year degrees you can see why the physical therapy assistant should be at the top of your list!

Let’s face it, this job requires constant interaction with people. So you should be a people person. No two ways about it, you really need to like people. All other attributes you can have two greater or lesser degrees but you really need to enjoy people to even consider this profession.

Another characteristic which would be good to have is to like teaching others. Understand that part of your job is to educate your patients in the use of various mobility aids as well as possibly an artificial limb. So education as part of your job requirement.

Your superior will be a physical therapist. You two will be working together to attain the patients recovery so you need to communicate well with each other.

Here you will be given directions as to the program the patient will be placed on to help him get well. You will need to assess the progress of the patient So you need good analytical skills.

If you have the ability to attain goals, this would be an added bonus on your side. This is one of the things you and the physical therapist worked together at. You will set up a program to achieve the desired result and check off each step upon completion until you get that desired result.

So those are some of the characteristics you would want to have as a physical therapy assistant.

To become a physical therapy assistant you need to complete one of the physical therapy assistant programs that are available in various colleges.

There our community colleges offering this curriculum. Just as far as cost goes, the community college is your best bet.

Do you meet the requirements that one of these programs have? You need a good science background and some decent math skills.

The people who are out of work can certainly do some extra studying and so add to their education in math and science. As you probably have too much time on your hands as it is there are some excellent resources online for math and science education.

There are certainly enough free programs to keep you busy for a long time.

Do not forget the library! This is obviously the most tremendous free resource available to you. So use it!

Both written material and videos are available both online and also in your local library. I personally prefer a video.

A Physical Therapy Assistant is to me an excellent career move. The Physical Therapy Assistant Salary alone makes this an occupation you should do some research into.

As I stated earlier as long as you like interacting with people everything else is a plus. The physical therapy assistant would be my top career choice.

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