The energy of debris ejected from an asteroid impact

I have been struggling with this problem. I’ll greatly appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. I think it’s safe to assume the velocity of the impact is the Earth’s escape velocity 11.1*10^3 m/s

Here’s the problem:

Impacting objects will excavate a certain amount of debris material from a crater md and loft it into
Earth’s atmosphere to a height h. For an impacting object of mass mi, calculate how much debris mass md is lofted to an altitude h (where it will have zero velocity due to deceleration in Earth’s gravity). Assume that h << Rearth. Your answer will depend on mi, h and Rearth. For simplicity, assume the impactor comes in from straight up (along a radial line) and the debris is lofted straight out, also on a radial line. Consider h = 10 km, which is the altitude of the Earth’s jet streams. If debris reaches this altitude it will circulate globally. How much mass will an asteroid with density 2 g/cm^3 and diameter 1km be able to lift to a 10 km altitude?

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