TeraSense Develops Promising Terahertz and sub THz Frequency Range Innovative Imaging Equipment

Terahertz radiation

The wavelength that terahertz radiation occupies is lower than the radiation level that is exhibited by infrared waves. Terahertz radiation is a form of safe radiation that uses electromagnetic waves. This form of radiation is used in imaging devices to find details of the internal structure in a non-destructive way.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

100 GHz to 10THz or 3mm to 30 μm


Benefits of terahertz radiation

Terahertz radiation is used because it has non-ionised magnetic waves. This enables it to be safer than other forms of radiation that are used in imaging devices. This type of radiation can be used in other applications to look through detailed layers of materials such as canvas or clothes. It is used for detecting skin disorders because its low radiation level may not be harmful. Terahertz radiation is not restrictive in terms of detection. This means that apart from matter it can detect elements in water- based content as well. Terahertz radiation can effectively sort different things out. This means that it is able to have a ‘distinctive footprint’ that helps in detecting several items at the same time.

Applications for terahertz radiation

Over the years there have been many applications that have been developed using terahertz radiation. Here we present some of the practical applications of terahertz radiation.

  1. Security

ThruVision is an effective system that uses terahertz radiation. ThruVision has terahertz radiation technology installed in its cameras. This camera allows the users to look for weapons and drugs under a thick layer of clothing. As a result, the security professionals can use this device to check for concealed objects. Usually X-rays are used for security purposes but it is known to have certain harmful consequences on an individual. Terahertz radiation is a much safer form of radiation that can reveal more in-depth details about drugs and explosives that are concealed.


  1. Medical diagnosis

Research has shown that terahertz radiation can be used for finding the penetration level of externally applied cosmetics and drugs. Terahertz radiation can be used to find the level of tooth decay and effectiveness of tablets coating on pharmaceutical drugs. Terahertz radiation can also be used to know the amount of pesticides that have penetrated the top layer of fruits and vegetables. Terahertz radiation is being used to develop technology that can help in detecting cancerous cell growth at an early stage.



  1. Weather navigation

The aviation industry faces a fundamental problem when there are thick clouds or a sandstorm. Due these weather conditions they are unable to manoeuvre the plane to land accordingly. If the imaging devices used by the pilots uses terahertz radiation then they are likely to observe their landing pattern clearly.



  1. Painting

Terahertz radiation enables you to observe different works of art in a detailed manner. Terahertz radiation can be used to look at the outer surface of paintings. You can observe the layers of paint and canvas that is used in the painting. This helps in studying these paintings in detail without removing its protective seal.

  1. Solar industry

Due to wear and tear solar panels can get cracked on the surface. Terahertz radiation enables users to detect the malfunction of solar panels. It can be used to check the coating on the solar panel. Terahertz radiation is used in imaging devices that can find small disruptions in the working of the solar panels.


Terahertz radiation is an important form of electromagnetic waves. This is a non-invasive type of radiation that can be used for several applications. There are many companies that use terahertz radiation in their products. One of the most popular companies that use terahertz radiation in its products is TeraSense (http//terasense.com). This company develops imaging equipment to find terahertz frequency changes. TeraSense manufactures ‘semi-conductor detectors of terahertz radiation’. This company places utmost important on research in terahertz radiation and aims to improve its applications further.

TeraSense produces several products that use terahertz radiation. They have a qualified and experienced team of engineers that focuses on developing high quality and reliable products. TeraSense sells sub-terahertz imaging cameras that are easy to use and compact in size. It has a high responsive rate with a receptive video mode. Another product they have is terahertz generators. Terahertz sources can provide high amount of power and energy. Other products they have are ultrafast sub-terahertz detectors and optics for terahertz.

This company has developed patented technology that can be used to make semi-conductor detectors. Other detectors in the market can be expensive and inefficient in providing you with the quality of the service that you may want. Terasense is working towards plasmonic detectors that have higher sensitivity. Plasmonic detectors can work with other devices and are likely to be cheaper than other company’s detectors. If you are looking for detectors that can work with imaging products then you can easily buy the sub-terahertz imaging camera from Terasense. By using this company’s products you can get an amazing technology experience. Their products can be bought at affordable rates and their prices are market competitive as well.

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