Tension of dangling box

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A 50 kg woman dangles a 50 kg mass from the end of a rope. If she stands on a frictionless surface and hangs the mass over a cliff with a pulley as shown, the tension in the rope will be…

2. Relevant equations

F = m*a

3. The attempt at a solution
(no calculator allowed, so estimating)
There are 3 forces acting in this diagram…gravity pulls down on the dangling mass, tension pulls up on the dangling mass, and the woman is pulled horizontally by tension.
So I want to find the tension pulling up on the mass as well as the tension pulling on the woman, and then add them together.

For the box:
F(g) = 50 kg * 10 m/s^2 = 500 N
This would equal the tension on the woman. But how do I find the tension on the box?

I’m not even sure this first step was correct. Corrections to my general interpretation are very welcome!


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