System Which Detects Where You Are Looking

Shizuoka University’s Department of System Engineering presented a “system for detecting where people are looking.” This system uses two video cameras and near-infrared LEDs to instantaneously measure, in real time, where a person is looking. By detecting the gaze point with high precision, from the relative positions of the pupil and the point where the light source is reflected from the cornea, and continually tracking the gaze point, the system can accurately determine where the person is looking from the line-of-sight vector. With this system, the head doesn’t need to be held in place, nor are any sensors attached to the head. So it causes the subject much less stress than other systems. The system is being developed for practical use. Its applications could include detecting where people are facing, operating a computer mouse by opening and closing the eyes, detecting people falling asleep while driving, early detection of autism, communication by people with severe disabilities, and advertising.

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