Street Legal, Ultra Compact EV is Much More Ecofriendly

The vehicle can be charged in 4 hours and can travel 90km on a single charge. The top speed is 75 kilometers per hour, but because the vehicle falls within the category of a Class 1 Motorized Bicycle or Small Motor Mini Car, the maximum speed when traveling on public roads in Japan is limited to 60 kilometers per hour.

Team “Prominence”

English: Li ion battery from a laptop computer.
English: Li ion battery from a laptop computer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

d set the energy volume of gasoline powered vehicles at 100, then the energy volume of lithium-ion batteries is only around 1. Therefore, there is a difference of about 100 times in the amount of energy that can be stored, and if we focus our attention on that area, then it’s obvious that advancements must be made with transmission parts.

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