Spring Connected between 2 Masses

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A light spring of force constant 4.00 N/m is compressed by 8.00 cm and held between a 0.250 kg block on the left and a 0.560 kg block on the right. Both blocks are at rest on a horizontal surface. The blocks are released simultaneously so that the spring tends to push them apart. Find the maximum velocity each block attains if the coefficient of kinetic friction between each block and the surface is the following. In each case, assume that the coefficient of static friction is greater than the coefficient of kinetic friction. Let the positive direction point to the right.

uk = 0.000, 0.100, 0.431

k = 4.00 n/m
x = 8 cm
m1 = 0.250 kg
m2 = 0.560 kg

2. Relevant equations

1/2 kx^2
1/2 mv^2
W =F*D

3. The attempt at a solution

1/2(4.00)*(0.08) = 1/2*(.56)*(v)^2
v = -0.08*sqrt(.32/.56) = -0.604 m/s

I’m having major issues with this problem 🙁 if possible please explain all the math you did to figure out each final velocity and explain how to set it up 🙁


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