“Space Jellyfish” Created with Traditional Handicraft

Professor Yoichiro Kawaguchi of the University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in data Studies is building a automaton of a swimming jellyfish supported the theme of “space jellyfish.” To artistically categorical the atmosphere of a squirming jellyfish, he chosen the theme of a jellyfish swimming in area.

“I don’t think there are several soft-bodied creatures of this kind that are created into a automaton. It needs making various delicate movements. we have a tendency to place along easy configurations and targeted on making the elegant movements of the jellyfish. whereas skilfully group action continual wavering motions, for the longer term i might prefer to create it in order that it will elicit varied emotions. For this exhibit i might be glad to own individuals see each the planning and movements.”

“This model is created of a ceramic pottery referred to as Satsuma ceramic ware. I once asked the foremost illustrious native Satsuma ceramic ware artificer named Chin Jukan to create a CG model on behalf of me. i believed this might be any improved, that has diode to this model created.”


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