Social Engineering

The team of hackers within the limits of the law, but had to convince enough information to demonstrate that workers without realizing that make it easier to attack networks.

“You often have to break the firewall and burn into the perimeter of the internal organization,” said Mati Aharoni of Offensive Security, a company that tests its defenses system (check polish: socjotechnika).

“I do not want anyone fired or bad feeling at the end of the day,” said Aharoni. “We wanted to show that social engineering is a legitimate attack.”

“It requires a very technical striker,” said Aharoni. “It requires a person with the ability to Schmooze well.”

A worker in about a frustrated hacker insisting he send his questions in an email that can be considered and addressed where necessary.

For the first time in the history of the state, launched a drive to register the FIR related cases over the past three years. The government formed special cells in police stations throughout the country of registration of FIR by those whose cases were not recorded in the previous Samajwadi regime.

Immediately after his installation, BSP government has ordered a study into allegations of police abuse of recruiting large / PAC officers during the previous regime.

Read also about polsish: OWSICA

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