Smartphone optical data communication technology from Panasonic

Panasonic has developed technology for using an LED as the light source so that smartphones can read optical ID signals containing various kinds of information.

R, G, and B LEDs [7].
R, G, and B LEDs [7]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This new technology is many times quicker than previous systems; it will send and receive optical ID signals at many kilobits per second. It can be accustomed supplement explanations of products in stores, and as an answer for getting data from signs that use LEDs because the light. As alternative applications, this technology may capture a lot of elaborate data, or receive polyglot explanations, from digital accumulation.

“The device that sends the signals with this technology is in, for instance, a store or public place. Meanwhile, the person receiving the data is a client or passer. Unless that person will use their regular smartphone, such a system is meaningless; that was the fundamental plan behind our development of this technology. Going forward, we predict this could involve not solely Panasonic, however conjointly alliances with makers that may place the technology into several forms, still because it system integrators, and businesses that may give services mistreatment the technology.”

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