Simple pendulum

As part of a Physics experiment I have to investigate how the amplitude of a pendulum bob (attached to a string) varies with the number of oscillations it undergoes. The equation I have to work with is:

(where t = the number of swings, A = amplitude after t swings, A0 = initial amplitude and k = the damping constant)

Am I correct in saying that ln(A/A0) would be the label on the y-axis and t would be the label of the x-axis?

IF yes, this would suggest that at the y-intercept , ln(A/A0) = lnA0 which suggests that at the y-intercept (where t=0) A = (A0^2). Is this correct?

Lastly, I am required to find the uncertainty in k by sketching the above graph and using error bars. I am unsure of how to go about this?

Briefing sheet:
(PS:in the above document, ‘n’ is used to represent the number of swings rather than ‘t’)

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