Simple harmonic motion derivative of position function

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

The function
x = (7.4 m) cos[(5πrad/s)t + π/5 rad]
gives the simple harmonic motion of a body. At t = 6.2 s, what are the (a) displacement, (b) velocity, (c) acceleration, and (d) phase of the motion? Also, what are the (e) frequency and (f) period of the motion?

2. Relevant equations

3. The attempt at a solution

Hi! I understand that you’re supposed to plug in your t into the position function, and then take the derivative and continue plugging in. I think I’m messing up the math somehow because I keep getting the wrong answer…

(7.4)cos(98.0177)= -0.1395

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