Shiseido Fullmake Washable Base To Remove makeup easily using only warm water

Shiseido has developed Fullmake Washable Base, the worlds first make-up base that enables cosmetics to be washed off using only warm water.

“This product not only serves as a foundation, to help create a beautiful complexion, but it also has the advantage of enabling make-up to be removed without using cleanser.”

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“The Veil Action chemical compound itself mixes simply with water, however this chemical compound additionally contains Associate in Nursing ingredient known as a heat water detector. So, it does not simply combine with cold water, however in heat water, it reacts and flakes off simply.”
“Many customers who’ve antecedently used preparation marvel if this product extremely has washed off fully. however once folks check, by wiping their face with plant fibre subsequently, they are typically surprised to visualize there is fully no color on the plant fibre. So, we expect this product incorporates a particular cleansing impact.”This new product is priced at one,050 yen (~US$12) together with tax. it absolutely was discharged on Dec twelve, through Shiseido’s Watashi and information processing system, and can be on the market in stores in Japan from early March 2013.

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