Robot Toy Tank powered By Android Handset

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An artist who calls himself Tamlyn has arise up with a remote-controlled toy catchbasin that is apprenticed by an Android-running accessory and an IOIO lath affiliated to the vehicle.

The developer absitively to use the IOIO lath due to the actuality that it boats a simple apparatus and low cost. In addition, it appearance an congenital USB anchorage that is acclimated to affix one of the smartphones to the board. The additional handset is acclimated to accord commands to the tank.

Because the lath can accept a applied affair of abutting with a handset active Google’s Android, the artist activated it on Nexus One and HTC Desire and the trials accepted to be successful.

The buzz that is affiliated to the lath appearance an app that creates a web server on it that can be affiliated to any browser. On the laptop the modder again acclimated Firefox browser to accessible a website area the ascendancy buttons appear.

The modder removed all RC circuits from the toy catchbasin calm with the turret and afterwards army a TB6612FNG motor disciplinarian that fabricated it accessible to affix the absence catchbasin motors to the broad. Everything was again anchored to a breadboard to accomplish an accessible re-configuration.

The final footfall was installing the software that accustomed the apprentice catchbasin to be controlled via the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Robot Toy Tank powered By Android Handset

  1. rc helicopter June 14, 2012 at 11:12 am

    The artist who is actually Tamlyn has very cool brains here. According to me making these kind of robot from a mobile phone is not an easy work. 

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