Retractable Mobile Solar Power System

Řezy solárního panelu.
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At PV Expo 2011, OS exhibited a retractable solar power system, the GSR-110B.
This product was achieved by using retractable technology developed by OS for projector screens, and flexible amorphous solar cells from Fuji Electric Systems. It’s intended to power communication equipment in an emergency.

“One of these units delivers 40 W of power. The solar panel itself delivers 16 W, and there’s a 24 W battery built into the unit. So a total of 16 W plus 24 W can be output from the unit’s 12v socket.”

The unit weighs just 3 kg, so it can be carried easily and set up right away. Apart from emergencies, it can be used as a power source for leisure activities, such as camping, and for mobile equipment at events.

“This unit can power a netbook PC for about two hours. Two units can also be used together, to deliver 80 W. But you do need to bear in mind that the power output depends on the weather.”

The sheet operates smoothly; it can be pulled out, retracted, and stopped like a roller blind.

“We think there’s an especially big market for this unit overseas, so that’s what we’re focusing on right now. We think this product will be particularly useful in areas that don’t have grid power.”

This mobile solar unit started shipping in January 2011. It’s priced around 60,000 yen, and OS plans to sell 10,000 units in the first year.

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