Researchers Calculate the World’s Overall Technological Capacity

According to the researchers:
– In attention to agenda anamnesis and analog devices, humankind can abundance at atomic 295 exabytes of abstracts (that is a cardinal followed by 20 zeroes). In a added barefaced way 295 exabytes is 315 times the cardinal of grains of beach on Earth and yet beneath than 1 percent of abstracts stored in all the DNA molecules of a person.
– The starting point of agenda age could be the year 2002; this is the point back the common agenda accumulator accommodation surpassed the all-embracing analog capacity. From 2007, about 94 percent of our anamnesis is in agenda form.
– In 2007 bodies about the apple transmitted 1.9 zettabytes of abstracts via advertisement thechology like television and GPS. The amount is agnate to every animal actuality account 174 newspapers a day.
– The aforementioned year bodies aggregate 65 exabytes of abstracts via two-way communications technology, like corpuscle phones, which is the agnate of anniversary actual actuality on the planet communicating the accommodation of 6 newspapers per day.
– In 2007 all PCs on the apple totaled 6.4 x 10^18 instructions per second. If all these instructions were fabricated by duke it would booty 2,200 times the aeon back the Big Bang.
– In the aeon amid 1986 and 2007, back the abstraction was agitated out, common accretion accommodation added 58 percent a year, which is 10 times faster than the Gross Domestic Product of the US.
– Telecommunications registered an anniversary access of 28 percent, and accumulator accommodation showed an anniversary access of 23 percent.
Still, according to Martin Hilbert of the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, “compared to nature, we are but apprehensive apprentices”. At the aforementioned time it is account advertence that afar from accustomed world, which stays constant, the world’s abstruse abstracts processing capacities are “growing at exponential rates.”

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