Reason For Reverse Engineering

The process of determining the actual technical principles of a system or an object by analyzing the procedure, the function or the structure is called reverse engineering. It actually involves using the parts or the component aside, analyzing each components to produce a new device or plan out of it or create one that does the same as the original with out duplicating the original.

This is an essential technology not only for industrial use but for military advantage as well. This is necessary also especially if you are trying to correct or even replace a program that is no longer available. Reverse engineering is needed if you have an end product but without understanding as to the procedures in the unique production of such product.

Do you know the reasons why there is a need for reverse engineering? 1 reason is lost documentation. When a document of a particular device is completely lost or has never been written whatsoever and the person behind it’s no longer available, then reverse engineering will come to rescue. This happens whenever machines, spare parts, medicine along with other objects created about centuries ago are trying to reproduce or duplicated today without enough documentation or proof, thus, reverse engineering is needed.

Second is product analysis. To examine how any items especially gadgets works, to look for the components, the estimated expenses as well as to determine whether there is what you call patent violation. With today’s technology, there are many companies trying to copy the work of the opponent companies, imitation these days is so rampant you can no more identify which is the original and which is not. This is true especially in the field of computers and cell phones.

Third is for the commercial or even military espionage. One of the strategies utilized in military is by learning the research work of the enemy, stealing the prototype, dismantling this and recreation of the unique. This sounds to be area of the movie but this is true. Millions of dollars are spent by the army or by the commercial organizations on this alone.
Fourth, is actually digital correction or upgrading. This comes handy when you wish to update the digital version, like in the CAD model, of any thing that will match to the “as built” condition. To update the value of the product, you need to do the reverse engineering to correct it right away.

5th, is for security auditing. To check the validity of the claim and for security reason, a need for a reverse engineering is necessary. Other factors include creation of unlicensed duplicates, for academic purposes, competitive technical intelligence, removal of copy protection and curiosity. You can click this site if you want to learn more about engineering.

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