Reactions of sunspots that are manifesting in contemporary times

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These days, world renowned space scientists are seriously cogitating over sunspots and are trying to reach the conclusion that as to what reaction on which region can take place and for this end what security measures need to be taken?

Regarding this it is natural that even laymen are curious. It is commonplace that a greater yearning is there for understanding that danger due to which all world creatures and humans along with materials shall get affected. It is only scholarly scientists with their scientific terminology that can throw detailed light on this topic but as far as common information is concerned the ordinary form of solar explosions and its influence can be understood over here in gist only.

The sun is larger than earth by 330000 times and if all planets are taken into account collectively the sun is 750000 times larger. It is hence that all planets surrounding the heavy sun get attracted to it.

From the standpoint of science sun is merely a mass of light made from air/gas based matter and other planets are sky based masses made up of dense principles, fluid and air based matter. In comparison to the heat noted on the sun, the temperature and pressure of other planets is quite less. Hence the materials of planets are of the designing of either atoms attained permanently or its other units. On all planets material activities and chemical unions takes place ceaselessly. Within the sun the intense air density is far denser than all heavy ores of other planets. The reason attributed to this is the atomic designing of those planets. In the womb of the sun atoms cannot render themselves steady and due to intense heat and pressure they break up. The matter on the surface of the sun is as thin as earth’s wind and yet this matter is rendered thicker as one heads to the interior layers of the sun. The density of matter found at halfway point of the sun’s radius is as thin as water yet the density of materials in the earth’s center is 75 times more than the density of water. The density of matter in the womb of the sun is 11 times denser than the density of glass and is 4 times denser than the density of osapium which is the densest material on planet earth. The atmospheric pressure in the central region of the sun is 1000 trillion times more than that of earth. It can be said in this manner also that this pressure is 0.8 billion ton per square centimeter. Apart from this in the womb of the earth that light pressure noted is of the measure of 2 million ton per square centimeter.

What exactly are these sunspots? How are they related to planet earth? From the speed of light particles banging on earth it becomes clear that its reach is due to an explosion or lighting in the sun 18 to 24 hours previously. By conducting research using solar telescopes it has been noted that a minor brilliant hurricane like light arises. This manifests from a region which is a dark blob and in a few moments by taking on a gigantic shape measuring thousands of miles in diameter wherein extraordinary divinity is witnessed. It appears that fireworks are taking place in the sky. After a life span of half an hour it disappears but within this time span it sheds infinite amounts of X-rays, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and cosmic rays. Till now modern scientists have not come to any decisive conclusion regarding this onrush of fiery flames. But it is looked upon as such a ‘window’ through which one can see and understand the cosmos that much more clearly.

At the time of solar explosions after detailed study of radiations emitted it has been understood that at that time light particles emitted are different and more piercing than ordinary light particles. For example as per a message got from an observatory situated on Climax Mountain in Colorado-USA an American ship called Colonial trapped those waves which instead of being ordinary ultraviolet rays were X-rays and that too they were so intense that wherever they must have exploded there the minimum temperature must have been 0.1 billion degree Centigrade. Everyone knows that X-rays possess the capability of giving us photographs of the inner anatomy of the human body.

From the process of atomic explosion taking place on the sun that cosmic reaction that occurs affects planet earth in a subtle manner. Only its gross form has been captured by scientific technology yet even this is not less mind boggling. For example in July 1951 a gigantic brilliance of Chromo sphere of the sun (a large group of sunspots) was witnessed. At that very hour radio communication on earth became very weak and on 15-16 July radio communication between Central Europe and America got totally obstructed. Telegraph communication too snapped and other earth based communications too ended. Further in the deeper layers of the earth’s atmosphere at a height of 60-70 km atomic radiations made their entry as a result of which irregularity was seen in ionization process. Ceaseless cosmic radiations of cosmic rays that are offshoots of gigantic explosions taking place on the sun and move with the speed of light get transformed.

Streams of matter based particles coming from the sun to earth create changes in earth’s magnetic fields because at such times magnetic storms appear. On such occasions the needle of a compass is seen to suddenly stray away from its appointed position. Due to influences of these magnetic storms those electrical streams flowing on earth, metals especially wires, change according to their whims and fancies and they are rendered so intense that telegraph and telephones are badly affected. Sometimes it becomes impossible to transmit electricity using wires.

These magnetic storms appear again and again and its speed is highest on the Polar Region of earth. While traveling from the equator towards the Poles the activity of magnetic storms keep increasing. When magnetic storms manifest definitely one sees light on the Polar Regions. For example in January 1938 when once an intense Polar Light radiated which could be seen even in Crimea and Africa at that time a very swift magnetic storm too appeared which had almost engulfed entire earth.

One reason why magnetic storms and light on the Polar region manifest is that solar particles raining intensely on the earth’s atmosphere. It is known that the sun via its rays emits such particles that are electrical streams in nature which means via solar rays every living being on earth has an electrical bond with the sun. many experiments conducted with reference to this has proved that the stream of particles emitted by the sun which in effect is an electricity stream creates a magnetic field all around itself in empty regions. This region is rendered akin to an umbrella above the earth’s magnetic field. As a result magnetic storms tend to make their appearance.

The time cycle of solar explosions is generally 11 years and 1 month and 22 years and 2 months. As a result according to this cycle so many upheavals take place in the earth’s atmosphere. This time cycle has been noted in other creatures and trees too. Every 9.5 years such inner frenzy is noted in salmon fish that they run and jump into the fisherman’s net and die a sad death. The bark of certain trees becomes thicker during such time cycles than seen in ordinary situations.

Life on earth has a strong relationship with the solar system. This fact has been accepted right since ancient times. At the time of irrigation in Egypt a festival is celebrated. This is that very day when in the month of July sudden intense flooding is seen in River Nile. After long time research studies it has been noted that this flooding occurs on that very day when at hour of sunrise the Hunter Star is seen. This means that this change seen in Nile is in some way conjoined to the life of Hunter Star. These inter planetary changes not only affect our individual lives but it affects the macrocosm too. Historical studies right since the 18th century till today make it clear that important historical revolutions, bloodshed, violent agitations and other horrific incidences have taken place at the time of downpour of sunspots. In the year 1789 the famous historical revolution took place in France that not only ushered in new times for France but that it did so for the entire world. In the same way during the peak of rain of sunspots the deadly battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo took place.

In the year 1857 when the 1st freedom fight took place in India, sunspot downpour was at its pinnacle. After this even the Civil War in America was at its worst during this time of sunspot peak downpour. When in 1904-5 a terrible war ensued between Japan and Russia and the 1st world war took place in 1914-15 the rain of sunspots had reached their peak. In 1947 India attained political freedom, before this a 2nd world war had already been fought and in China during these times a communist revolution was witnessed.

After the year 1947 the 2 peak years of sunspots have passed by in the years 1958 and 1969 respectively. Over and above this at present again we are passing by speedy solar activity based times. Recently a heinous war took place between China and Vietnam a terrific revolution took place in Iran, even now the situation is no better and is very tense. Incidences of violence and bloodshed are yet being noted. In Afghanistan rivers of blood are flowing everywhere. A lot of tension is seen even in other nations of the world. Their inner and external condition has become very complex and dire. The world again has entered the jaws of danger.

The intellectual astronomer of New York Dr Baker says that ‘during days of intense solar activities an extraordinary rise is seen in the number of mentally ill patients’ By using Vending Machines.

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