Reaction Forces on a Frame With Roller Joint and Pin Joint

[b]1. Hi, The problem:
A roof support frame has various leadings on it. The frictionless pin joint at points A has vertical and horizontal reaction forces. The rollers at point B allow free movement in the horizontal direction and has a vertical reaction.

a/Calculate The total Horizontal reactions in the pin at point A in KN, and the direction as indicated by the arrow in the answer?

b/Describe the vertical reaction at point B in KN?

c/ What is the vertical reaction at point A in KN?

[b]2. Moment = Force * Distance

[b]3. I have attempted this question, but only as if it were a beam, and for the Vertical Force at B i got 5.4KN, and for The Vertical force at A i got 8.6KN. I dont know what to do with the horizontal forces and distances.

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