Prism and deviation angle!

1. Dear all
My name is Shamim and I am a student in high school and having 15 years old. I am a newcomer in this forum. I have found this great forum from internet while I was searching into that. I am really interested too much to physics and actually trying to learn more about that. I wish I can learn this subject as well as I can and learn a lot from you all dear friends. 🙂
This is my first question in this forum. I hope you dear experts can help me and giving me some advise?
Here there is a prism that a light is going through the prism (thick space) from air (thin space). So because of difference density space the light being broken into the prism and again gets broken from prism to thin space (air). If we length the lines from the light from where is coming inside prism and from where it is going out we will make an angle that it shows deviation angle and it gives us a formula as below, according the book said, that I have:

2. (D= I + r’ – A)

3. Unfortunately I couldnÂ’t demonstrate for myself this formula. :confused: Would you please advise me?
I am thank you very very much in advance.

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