Predicting Local Wind Pressure on Buildings

The Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation, the results of tests using large wind tunnels are being replicated by ultra-large-scale simulations, using a supercomputer called the K Computer. In this way, the researchers are working to develop a new method for detailed prediction of instantaneous maximum local wind pressure acting on building.

Buildings must be structurally safe, reliable, and comfortable to use. By making the flow field around a building visible in detail, not only can the building’s design be optimized at a higher level, but the flow can be proactively utilized to create an energy-saving urban environment.

At Shimizu Corporation, the K Computer enables simulations with the same precision as wind tunnel experiments. The results are utilized to design buildings and glass exterior components in detail. The aim is to achieve wind-resistant, safe building designs, minimizing damage to buildings by typhoons and tornadoes.

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