PLEASE help with these 5 intro physics questions!

These questions will resemble the questions on my upcoming exam.

2) Two skaters with masses M and m are pushingeach other off, making the
work W. Calculate their speeds after the end of the push.Assume the
skaters are not pushing off the ice. Analyze the limitm<<M.

3) Two workers are delivering a load of mass M along anuphill road with a
length L and elevation angle q. Worker 1 carries the loadwhile worker 2
is rolling it in a cart. Find the values of the work Wdone by each worker.

4) Two masses, m1 and m2, are connected by alight rod of length l.
Calculate the moment of inertia I of the system withrespect to the axis
going through mass m1 perpendicularly to the direction ofl. Same for
mass m1. Same for the axis going through the CM. Which ofthe results is
the smallest?

5) A solid sphere rolls down a slope of height h withoutslipping. What will
be the speed of its CM at the end of the slope?

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