Partnership to Develop Smart Helmet Monitoring To Prevent Overheating

Coming to a local football game near you, HotHead smart helmets with remote sensing will soon be able to help coaches yank overheated athletes off the field before their heads explode. http://physicsinventions.comHothead Technologies out of Atlanta, GA is partnering with Sivix Logisticsto adapt Sivix’s key fob (a data encryption hardware unit) and associated sensor monitoring module to Hothead’s lineup of heat sensing safety devices. Skin temperature readings from a heat sensor embedded inside the helmet of an athlete, firefighter, soldier, or other wearer are collected and transmitted to a remote, portable device of a coach or other monitoring personnel.
From the press release:

The Sivix offering includes a mobile device the size of a car remote, and ultra low power micro sensor modules that monitor without obstructing the athletic performance. These solutions encompass a growing capability for wireless personal area networks (WPANS) that can monitor and data log a complete physiological history of the training session. This will further expand the range and reach of the Hothead solution offering.

The H.O.T.™ System, which stands for HEAT OBSERVATION TECHNOLOGY, was the first line of heat monitoring tools created to assist individuals and groups in getting a step ahead on the dangerous and silent attack of heat illness. Football was the first line of entry for the H.O.T.™ System. The company is now positioned to support markets such as the military, public safety (Firefighters, SWAT, HAZMAT), and industrial, as well as other sports like baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, track & field, basketball, cross-country running, auto racing and cycling. Hothead Technologies Received the BEST OF WHAT’S NEW Award from Popular Science Magazine for being one of the Top 100 most innovative inventions of 2009.

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