Panasonic’s new color filtering technology With Double the brightness in low light photos

Panasonic has developed a unique technology that doubles the brightness of color photography, by using micro color splitters instead of conventional color filters in the image sensor.

These two photos were taken using CCDs with the same sensitivity. The one on the right was taken with the color filter system used in nearly all digital cameras. The one on the left was taken with Panasonic’s new micro color-splitting system.

“Here, color filters are not used. thus lightweight are often captured while not loss, that permits U.S. to attain close to double the sensitivity. what is a lot of, this technology are often used notwithstanding whether or not the detector could be a CCD, CMOS, or BSI sort. The device also can be factory-made victimisation current semiconductor fabrication processes. It does not use special materials or processes.”
To design the small color splitters during this approach, it is necessary to research optical phenomena like reflection, refraction, and optical phenomenon, in 3D. Analyzing varied wavelengths of sunshine for every sort of small color splitter needs high-speed computation, that hasn’t been sensible so far.

“We’ve developed a very new analysis technique, known as Babinet-BPM. Compared with the standard FDTD technique, the computation speed is 325 times higher, however it solely consumes 1/16 of the memory. this can be the results of a three-hour calculation by the FDTD technique. we have a tendency to achieved a similar lead to simply thirty six.9 seconds.”

“Here, we’ve used a two-deflector technique. however varied mixtures square measure doable. for instance, you’ll increase the S/N magnitude relation by victimisation four deflectors. you’ll use one combination for mobile applications, and another for security cameras. From currently on, we’d wish to shift the main target of our analysis to totally different systems for various applications.”


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