Oxygen Remedy: Modern Treatment To Maximize Oxygen Pressure In Body Cells

Oxygen Remedy is the health therapy that was invented by Richard Geller and Dr. Artour Rakhimov (NormalBreathing.com) to increase lowered oxygen concentrations in body cells and fight chronic diseases. This therapy is based on the idea that ideal health is about excellent oxygen pressure in body organs 24/7 due to having correct breath patterns day and night. Therefore, let us consider our unconscious or automatic respiratory patterns and how we should breathe in order to increase oxygen concentrations in body organs.

Generally, most people believe that breathing more air is good for our health. They assume that deep breathing delivers more oxygen for arterial blood and this will increase oxygen content in body tissues. Therefore, you can often hear an advice to take a deep breath. In addition, people believe that CO2 is a toxic chemical and it is useful to eliminate more CO2 from the body cells.

However, medical science teaches us that both these ideas are wrong. Consider very relaxed and easy normal breathing. We breathe only about 10-12 breaths per minute and each breath is about 500-600 ml only. However, oxygen saturation of the arterial blood is about 98 percent. Therefore, when we breathe heavier and faster we cannot increase body oxygen amount. The main effect of fast and deep breathing is decreased carbon dioxide pressure in the arterial blood. Lack of CO2 saturation of the arterial blood immediately causes constriction of blood vessels since CO2 is a very powerful vasodilator. During heavy and deep breathing, blood flow to the brain and all other vital organs can be reduced about 2 times.

This is often the case for many people with heart disease, diabetes and many other common diseases. It has been shown in many medical articles that people with diseases usually breathe about 2-3 times more air than the medical norms. Hence, it is logical that these people have diminished oxygen content in body cells in all vital organs. Yet oxygen is fundamental for all vital processes including immune function, cardiovascular activities, production of thousands of chemicals in glands and body cells. Therefore, all communication in the body is slower due to reduced blood flow. Therefore, fast and heavy or hyperventilation syndrome causes innumerable negative effects on all systems, organs and tissues of the body. It is logical that sick people suffer from symptoms and poor quality of life. On the other hand, the ideal breathing frequency is only about 3-4 breaths per minute at rest. Such very easy and slow unconscious or basal respiratory patterns provide humans with best body oxygen test results.

There are several breathing techniques in order to increase lowered oxygen content in tissues. One of them is the Buteyko breath retraining technique that has been employed by more than 160 Soviet and Russian doctors. This therapy had numerous clinical trials. The Buteyko breathing retraining program has excellent ideas related to correct lifestyle factors. It teaches prevention of mouth breathing, chest breathing, avoidance of supine sleep, more physical exercise with nose breathing, and many other practical techniques. However, Buteyko breathing exercises are not easy to learn. In addition, they often require up to 2-3 hours per day. Faster results in increasing low oxygen content in tissues can be achieved with the Frolov breathing device. This is another Russian technique that is now approved by more than 500 Russian doctors due to numerous successful clinical trials on several diseases.

Oxygen Remedy combines these two breath therapies together: the Buteyko respiration reconditioning method and application of the Frolov breathing device for breathing exercises. This is the reason why the organizer of Oxygen Remedy Richard Geller provides money back guarantee for people with variety of serious health problems, such as asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, sinusitis, and many others. Learn more about physical health. You cannot find any other natural therapy where practitioners provide you with a refund except Oxygen Remedy and the Buteyko respiratory retraining method. As Russian doctors and western breathing practitioners found you can eat tons of best supplements and super-foods, drink canisters of most effective herbal drinks, have hundreds of colonic irrigations, and practice yoga for many hours per day, but if your oxygen content in organs and breathing patterns remain the same, you will suffer from the same symptoms and require the same dosage of medical drugs. However, if any of these therapies can increase your oxygen levels in body tissues, then they will improve your health. Oxygen Remedy is based on this goal: quick and effective achievement of superior body oxygen levels.

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