Optical camouflage tech removes backseat of a car

A system that produces the backseat of a automobile look clear is presently being developed by a search cluster at Keio University.

The system applies optical camouflage technology, exploitation algorithmic reflection, to vehicles. The technology was developed by faculty member Masahiko Inami. this technique has been optimized to create the backseat look clear from the driver’s viewpoint.

“The main feature of our system is, it makes things look as if you’ll be able to very see through them, instead of giving associate degree indirect read of what is behind. as an example, with a system that shows things on a monitor, you’ll be able to perceive your car’s position and wherever any obstacles ar. however the purpose regarding our system is, it provides a way of depth, by creating things seem wherever they really ought to be once you reminisce.”

In this system, video from the rear cameras is projected onto the backseat employing a half-mirror. The video is processed by a laptop to create things seem actual-sized, creating the motive force feel as if the rear seat very is clear.

“The screen is formed of a special material known as a algorithmic reflector. Optically, it’s a remarkable characteristic as a result of it reflects lightweight back within the direction of incidence. after we thought of applying it to cars, the advantage was, it provides a transparent image in daylight, instead of in a very dark place like this.”
“Currently, the system shows one purpose clearly. however from currently on, we’d prefer to keep increasing the amount of viewpoints. we have a tendency to decide to alter the system to be simply employed by anyone.”

“We’re discussing the likelihood of collaboration with automakers. There ar numerous problems during this analysis, thus we’d prefer to collaborate with a spread of companies. relating to an advertisement version, we have a tendency to hope we’ll be ready to provide one in regarding 5years.”

Keio University
Keio University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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