Nikola Tesla – Wizard of Electricity

A technical genius as great as Leonardo, perhaps the serbian Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is the greatest known inventor of all times. From the electric motor to free energy wireless power transmission, alternating current and radio, from fluorescent lighting and neon to lasers and weather-manipulating microwave weapons, he seems to have almost invented the modern world all by himself…

In the 1890’s:
• Flying saucer, or UFO, technology – which is now developed beyond our dreams – with it’s principles of ionic propulsion, was sketched out by Tesla;

• He made a remote-controlled robotic boat that responded to his voice commands and was fed via wireless power;

• He devised, built and proof-tested a system for transmitting limitless amounts of energy THROUGH THE AIR, ACROSS THE GLOBE, so as to FREELY electrify the entire world with a wireless arrangement of only 12 towers, such as that at his Wardenclyffe lab, which J.P. Morgan had torn down.

If his inventions were permited, we’d have a world of:
• Free Energy;
• Zero Pollution;
• Independence from the costs and geo-poitics of oil;
• Free, almost instantaneous, travel (no rails and large ships);
• Tremendous human advancement through freedom of cheap and fast communication, transportation and industrialization… But it’s sad to note that all the above exists, in very advanced forms today, but only for the satanist elite of the antichrist…

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