Net force on a charge in a square

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
There are 4 charges in the corner of a square with the lengths of the sides measuring 18.2cm
q1= 2.34μC (top left) q2=-1.58μC (top right) q3= 2.03μC (bottom left) q4= -3.00μC (bottom right)

→Calculate net force on q4
→Calculate net force at the center of the square

2. Relevant equations
K constant = 8.99×10^9

3. The attempt at a solution

q1= [(8.99×10^9)(2.34×10^-6)]/(0.182)^2 = 635086.3422 @ 315°
q2= [(8.99×10^9)(1.58×10^-6)]/(0.182)^2 = 428818.9832 @270°
q3= [(8.99×10^9)(2.03×10^-6)]/(0.182)^2 = 550950.9721 @ 0°

for my next step I was going to calculate x and y components and then plug it into the
d=*sqrt [(x^2)+(y^2)]

to calculate net force on q4… but I’m very uncertain about how to continue or if my previous calculations are even right.

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