Need help for computer science coursework – motion and gravity

I’m not a physics student and haven’t done any physics work since high school. I’ve since then forgot most of what I knew and although while researching this problem, everything looks familiar. It just doesn’t fit together in my head. This isn’t a marked piece of the coursework it’s just involved and the coursework really doesn’t work without it.

I am making a pinball simulation and need to calculate the motion of a ball. At all times I can get the coordinates of the ball (which I don’t think really matter, the velocity(speed and angle of movement) and I am given a value for gravity which is 25 L/ms^2 where L is some unit of distance.

On each tick of the program the ball will move and then gravity must be applied to it.

I need to calculate the new angle the ball will be moving at and the new speed of the ball.

Could someone tell me which equations I would use to calculate this.

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