Multicolored penlight for light painting on an iPhone or iPad

In November, Tomy will release a multicolored penlight that can be used for long exposure light painting on an iPhone or iPad.

“Nowadays, penlight art is often used at wedding ceremonies and school festivals. But it requires an SLR and photography skills. We wanted to make penlight art easier, so people of all ages can enjoy it. What we’ve done is, we’ve created a simplified version of penlight art as an iPhone app.”

“This penlight offers up to 27 colors at the touch of a button. It also provides straight lines, dotted lines, and gradation, so you can do a lot of things with it. This application really makes you want to get creative.”

The multicolored penlight will be available for approximately US$30 (2,400円) and the iPhone app can be downloaded for free.

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