Multi-level Awareness Of Self In Hypnosis

Unity and multiplicity: Multi-level awareness of self in hypnosis, psychiatry and mental health, John O. Beahrs, MD (Brunner / Mazel, 1982), is a book for sophisticated readers. Beahrs “implies that we are not only a drive, but a combination of many aspects, facets or sides each have their own personality and experience during and at the same time with a different measure than others and the world car” (book jacket ). My understanding of his book is that the unification of parts of itself is impossible, because we are not united in the first place. Integration is a desirable goal for treatment. Beahrs uses the analogy of the “orchestra conductor” (p. 69) to explain the merger. (You may be called integration today, because after the symphony is over, members are free to follow their own path to the next practice or performance. The music of the symphony, however, could be considered “merged “because every instrument loses its separation. (check also polish integracja)

The performance of a player affects the whole orchestra! So integration is a gradual process, as indicated by increasing communication and cooperation between the parties themselves with the realization that each part affects the other: a “we” mentality is changing, not one ” them against us “and not a” them against me. “There is an” executive “personality (driver), which is responsible for all the other parts of itself (the orchestra).

Kluft will not recommend that the Ericksonian indirect techniques because he believes that it can be confusing for customers. “…( T) he language used to refer the patient must be clear and sharp MPD phrases. Elegance of expression must yield to the need for a clear unambiguous communication “(Kluft and Fine, 1993, p.37).

This “executive” personality must be fair and respect of all other personalities and compromise between personalities and decide on solutions to problems that are in the best interest of all personalities.

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