Motion of a Charged Particle – Jumbled Notes, Unsure of Possibility

1. Problem – Notes Jumbled, do not know if I am missing variables or not needed to answer the questions?

Disclaimer: I am good at maths, fine with algebra and derivations, I just forget the formulae and units, especially when I haven’t practiced things a lot, such as this topic (other subjects getting in the way…)


The variables I am given are d = 8cm cm, and V = 200 V, m = 2.86E-16. I have access to the mass and charge of an electron/ proton.

Here are the ten questions I need to be able to answer:

  1. Gravitational force on the particle
  2. Electrical force on the particle
  3. Electric field strength between… fans?
  4. The charge of the object
  5. Number of excess proton particles
  6. [b]Power difference – changed to 201V:[b] The new field strength
  7. The new electric force
  8. The net force
  9. The acceleration
  10. The time it will take from…

2. Relevant equations

* The equations of motion.

* Electrostatic equations, such as E = V / d, E = F / q, V = w / q, Work done = Fd = qV = qED.

3. My attempt at a solution

My apolegies, I was confused about numerous things, some are solved now, but I haven’t done much since I started, but I still don’t understand what other proton particles are being referred to.

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