Momentum Formula for Alpha Decay

[Mentor’s note: this thread does not use the standard homework-help template, because it was started in one of the non-homework forums. It was moved here because it had already gotten some help.]

Hi everyone. This isn’t a homework question, as I am just revising notes for my exams, and after extensive searching both online through search engines, and through browsing this forum, I did not seem to find any resource that can answer my question, so I just hope that somebody here can help me.

So let’s say we have an α-decay where:

[itex]^{226}_{88}Ra[/itex] → [itex]^{222}_{86}Rn[/itex] + [itex]^{4}_{2}α[/itex] + [itex]Q[/itex]

and I want to find the kinetic energy of both the daughter Nucleus [itex]^{222}_{86}Rn[/itex], and also of the [itex]^{4}_{2}α[/itex] particle.

What information I have:

Equation for momentum p (I am not even sure if THIS is correct, the lecture notes that we have at our University are extremely confusing, and often omits working details and derivations)


and I have two equations for Kinetic Energies:



My results:


Could someone verify or explain me how the momentum p is Actually calculated for these particles? and then how to actually obtain those results (which are supposedly correct) for the Kinetic Energies?

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