Mechanics Question

1. The problem statement.
Setting new world records in a 100-m race, Maggie and Judy cross the finish line in a dead heat, both taking 10.2s. Accelerating uniformly, Maggie took 2.0s and Judy 3s to attain maximum speed, which they maintained for the rest of the race.

What was the acceleration of each sprinter?

2. Relevant equations

Attachment 70692

These guys

3. Attempt.

I have no idea where to start as each equation is useless on its own. Each sprinter has a different maximum velocity. A poke in the right direction is all I need. I’ve tried stating that the position Maggie obtains at the point she reaches her maximum speed is equal to 0.5 x a x t^2 which doesn’t actually get me anywhere as I don’t know her max speed or her acceleration.

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