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Headache is amongst the most common ailments around Australia, with roughly 15 percent of people consuming painkillers for a headache at any given time. Because headaches are so typical, many people believe they’re just a natural part of life.

Nonetheless, a continuous headache is usually a symptom that something is wrong. The consistent usage of pain killers to combat headaches is much like taking away the caution light that warns you to an issue in your automobile! Medication doesn’t cure your headache, it merely offers a temporary strategy to lower the pain.

Different types of Headache

Anxiety headaches and migraine are considered the most popular types of headache and cluster headaches are most uncommon . Other sorts of headache include sinus headache, rebound headache in addition to exertion headache.

The cause of Headaches & Migraines

Headaches are usually caused by a number of causes for example stress, bad position, accidents, medications, environmental causes such as strong aromas & pollution and additionally dietary problems.

Perhaps one of the most neglected cause for migraine and stress headache is because of nerve irritation in the upper neck caused by poorly working backbone joints – Physiotherapists label this Vertebral dysfunction. As the nerves of the upper neck provide parts of the scalp and face, irritation to these nerves could normally bring about headache.

Physiotherapy Examination of Headache

Your Physiotherapist will thoroughly analyze possible headache reasons and carry out a detailed history, orthopaedic, neurological along with spinal assessment to locate the cause of your headache.

Further diagnostic testing for instance XRay or MRI might also be necessary. Upon reaching at a certain diagnosis, your Physiotherapy care may start.

Relief From Headache With Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an extremely efficient remedy for headaches. By precisely restoring proper movement to the spinal joints of the neck, your Physiotherapist will be able to appreciably decrease the existence of nerve irritation and muscle tension assisting to lessen the main cause of your headaches.

Please contact us to schedule your complete headache assessment and begin your journey towards living a life without headaches!

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