[Magnetism] Tricky task on self-inductance of solenoid

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A Solenoid has N turns of Copper wire (Cross-section area of the wire is 10-6 m2) The Length of the solenoid is 25*10-2 m and its Resistance is 0.5 Ω. What’s the Self-Inductance of the solenoid?

2. Relevant equations
Given answer: 5.5*10-5 H

Please help me with the solution.
3. The attempt at a solution
How do you relate Resistance with Self-inductance to eliminate the need for (or find) the number of turns? All I could find by using R was the length of the whole wire(an unrolled solenoid). But this gives me nothing on the number of turns cause the diameter of the solenoid is not given.


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