Magnetic field and current cause a force


For question 37 (attached), I found the length of hypotenuse to be ~0.21m by letting a2 + b2 = c2 which is simple enough. Then I let Fb = i L x B and since L and B are perpendicular this gives a force with magnitude ~0.3 N. Now, I realize the question is asking to find the respective force on each leg of the right triangle, so you divide by 2 to get the answer of 0.15N. Is this process correct?

Now I may be mistaken here which is why I’m posting this question, but isn’t the force field created uniform? Why do we end up dividing by 2? Doesn’t everything in this field experience a force of 0.3 N?

Also, shouldn’t I also be adding the force from the other sides of the triangle besides the hypotenuse since there’s current in the other 2 legs that increase the net force experienced by each side of the triangular loop?

Any clarifications would be great!

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